Summer Holiday Projects

During the school summer holidays we will be publishing a new activity for you to try each week. They are all nature/wildlife themed, will get you outdoors and all have a science or arts and craft element.

We hope you enjoy giving them a go and of course we would love to see your creations so please share them with us on our Facebook page!

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Summer Holiday Project #1- Seaweed Pressing

Our first school holiday project is a bit of an art and science project combined. You will need to hunt on the beach to collect your seaweed specimens, like a true nature explorer! Bring them home and carefully lay them out to create your preserved specimens that make beautiful artwork. Download our Seaweed Pressing leaflet…

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Summer Holiday Project #3- Make your own BIOGAS

This week is all about science. We want you to head back to the shore to collect more seaweed so that you can make your own renewable energy source- BIOGAS. BIOGAS is made up of methane and carbon dioxide which can be used as a renewable source of fuel or turned into electricity and heat.…

Copyright Jim Nicholson

Summer Holiday Project #4- Build your own Hibernaculum

What’s a hibernaculum I hear you ask… is a warm, dry, safe place for reptiles and amphibians to hibernate over the winter. The word ‘hibernaculum’ means “winter quarter”, with the Latin word hibernus meaning “winter”. Here in Shetland the Common Frog is our only amphibian, but they are plentiful. They hibernate over the winter in…

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Summer Holiday Project #5- Create your own Mini Ecosystem

This is a great fun activity and really easy to do. We used different species of moss in ours but you could use any small plants such as sedums and alpines that don’t grow too big. Once made just pop it on a sunny windowsill and watch it change and grow. It is also a…