About Us

Please note that due to the current coronavirus pandemic and subsequent social distancing requirements we are not able to launch the group in the way we had hoped. During this period of lockdown and social isolation we will be giving you ideas and opportunities of how you can get involved in nature recording in your own local area. Once things get back to some form of normality, we will have an official launch where you will be able to come along and join us.

To see the current projects that you could get involved in, see our Projects page.

The Shetland Community Wildlife Group is a new group being established in 2020 with the aim of enabling the local community to engage with the isles natural heritage whilst learning new skills and meeting like-minded people. Group members will have the chance to get involved in survey work to answer scientific questions as well as species monitoring and recording. Data collected will contribute to filling knowledge gaps and feed directly into both marine and land policy and decision making.

We want to encourage anyone with an interest in wildlife, environmental science, the Shetland landscape or simply just a love of getting outdoors to join the group. No experience or skill level required; this group is for everyone!

Activities will run throughout the year with an event planned every month to include a workshop or talk from a guest speaker. Keep an eye on the Events page to see all upcoming events.

The creation of the group is being led by the NAFC Marine Centre UHI with support from many other organisations including the Shetland Biological Records Centre and Scottish Natural Heritage who will be offering their expertise and scientific advice. For a list of all the groups supporters see our Supporters page. The establishment of the group has been made possible by funding received from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

We want the group to be as accessible as possible for everybody no matter their ability or specific needs. We will be working closely with Ability Shetland to be able to make this a possibility. For more information have a look at our Accessibility page.

Our Aims

  • Increase the data available, and our understanding of Shetland’s natural heritage.
  • Increase people’s skills and knowledge through training workshops and field studies.
  • Increase people’s enjoyment and understanding of Shetland’s natural heritage.
  • Allow the local community to become ambassadors for their local wildlife and take a direct role in informing policy and decision making in Shetland.
  • Be a platform for the local community to come together under a shared passion for nature and discovery.
  • Break down barriers to allow all members of the community to get involved in nature.