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Shetland Nature Calendar

Showcasing some of Shetland’s best wildlife and giving you an idea of what to look out for each month.

  • Verging on Beautiful
    By Rhiannon Jehu I walk on single track and other unpaved roads as a part of my daily routine. Stepping into the verge and waving ‘Hi’ to passing traffic is normal for me and gives me the opportunity to really … Read More
  • Otter Eye View
    By Rhiannon Jehu The European otter, or Draatsi as it is known in the Shetland dialect, is one of Shetlands most popular mammals. Our combination of soft peat for holts, freshwater pools for bathing and offshore kelp beds for feeding … Read More
  • Everyday Nature: Starling Surprises
    By Rhiannon Jehu Last month I wrote about how spending time with nature is good for our wellbeing. The Mental Health Foundation describes ‘everyday nature’ as the moments of pleasure that we can snatch regularly throughout the day. Taking a … Read More
  • My Experiences Of #ConnectWithNature for Mental Health Awareness Week.
    By Rhiannon Jehu The Mental Health Foundation argues that connectedness with nature increases pro-environmental behaviour and is important for our mental and physical health. I decided to focus on the theme ‘The Power of Nature’ for Mental Health Awareness Week … Read More
  • Bird Ringing
    The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) co-ordinate the bird ringing scheme for Britain and Ireland. Each year around 900,000 birds are ringed over 2,600 trained ringers. Ringing allows for the collection of scientific information on survival rates, productivity and bird … Read More
  • Books, books, books!
    We have selected a fantastic array of books by local and national authors and publishers that will give you an insight into the wildlife in our islands and help you to identify your sightings. ID Guides
  • A Gaggle of Geese: ID tips for the geese of Shetland
    Resident Greylag Goose (Anser anser)– The only resident goose in Shetland. Historically they were passage migrants, arriving in the isles in late autumn and overwintering before heading away further north to breed in the spring. In recent years, they have … Read More
  • Hedgehog Hibernation
    To help preserve our prickly friends, please report your sightings on the Big Hedgehog Map an initiative set up by People’s Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. How to make your garden more hog friendly – … Read More
  • Secrets of the Strandline
    Beachcombing can be a really fun activity; I always get a feeling of excited anticipation when I step onto a beach as I never know what I might find. And the brilliance of it is, with the tide coming in and out twice a day there is always something new to discover.
  • Inside a Shetland Rockpool
    Rockpooling can be a fun activity for the young, and not so young alike. There is a huge variety of species in this very changeable habitat. Many species have developed special adaptations to allow them to live in this harsh … Read More
  • Why Record?
    Paul Harvey- Shetland Biological Records Centre Kathryn Allan- NAFC Marine Centre UHI This is a question that we often get asked – why are you bothering to record that? What’s the point? Put simply recording the wildlife around us helps … Read More
  • Meet Sally Huband- Eggcase Hunter…
    To the best of my knowledge, seven kinds of eggcases have been found on Shetland’s beaches. The most common eggcase by far is that of the small spotted catfish, aka dogfish, with its small narrow capsule and long curly tendrils. … Read More
  • How to get an Accurate Grid Reference
    I wanted to talk about grid references, they are very important when it comes to wildlife records as it lets us know exactly where the sighting was so that it can be accurately recorded and mapped. But it can be … Read More