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Shetland Nature Calendar

Showcasing some of Shetland’s best wildlife and giving you an idea of what to look out for each month.

  • Why Record?
    Paul Harvey- Shetland Biological Records Centre Kathryn Allan- NAFC Marine Centre UHI This is a question that we often get asked – why are you bothering to record that? What’s the point? Put simply recording the wildlife around us helps build up our knowledge of the environment – what is where and how might this … Read More
  • Meet Sally Huband- Eggcase Hunter…
    To the best of my knowledge, seven kinds of eggcases have been found on Shetland’s beaches. The most common eggcase by far is that of the small spotted catfish, aka dogfish, with its small narrow capsule and long curly tendrils. I am always hoping to find a cuckoo ray eggcase but have only found three … Read More
  • How to get an Accurate Grid Reference
    I wanted to talk about grid references, they are very important when it comes to wildlife records as it lets us know exactly where the sighting was so that it can be accurately recorded and mapped. But it can be a tricky thing to get right so thought I would share a couple of ways … Read More
  • Gardening for Bumblebees and Butterflies
    It is National Gardening Week this week (27th April- 3rd May) so we thought we would share some ideas of plants that grow wel lin Shetland gardens which are a hit with the bumblebees and butterflies.